Easy & fast way to use ACES  - Color managed workflow for you videos



RAW, Log, HLG or "Flat" -profiles.

If you have some other camera or profile, ask me, here!

Davinci Resolve

Premiere Pro

Final cut Pro

After Effects

Coming early 2021


is enough for cinematic videos

You don't need to become a full time colorist for the same results.

  • No Lighting
  • No Crew
  • Only one camera
  • No problem

I'm a filmmaker myself and I like the aesthetics of real life in movies. I often shoot videos by myself with just a camera and a gimbal.  Here are some examples of videos graded using ACES <span class="thin">LITE</span>.

P.s. In one of the examples there was a few $50 led panels used. Everything else is just natural light.


Start your color grading course and learn to color grade like Hollywood and Netflix


I want it NOW!

You have 30 days to try the ACES LITE workflow.

ACES LITE has made my life as a filmmaker so much easier and exiting that I'm sure you will love the workflow as well. So I can give you 30 day money back guarantee to see that this course is really a game changer for you as it has been for many others.


Step by step grading process

Shot with mirrorless cameras, cheap lenses and natural light.

beautifully explained!

Nady Sokhn

Student | Film maker

You rock, this is the best deep dive into resolve ever. I learned a lot.

John Gussman

Student | Film maker

Wow!! Thank you, Totally game changer. Both GoPro 8 and 9 are the same and looks amazing best colors i have ever seen out of this camera!! That ACES system it's a different bread!

Sergio Dinarte

Student | Film maker

Tried your workflow on a few shot with my GH5. The results are amazing. Saved me a lot of time.

Elmar Harbecke

Student | Film maker

Super interesting Joonas! thanks!

Andres Arosemena

Student | Film maker

I love this course and your workflow.

Michael Schweigkofler

Student | Film maker


"After posting videos that were color graded with ACES LITE, I started getting request from other film makers to teach them how to do color grading. "

Fiia Ketonen - Filmmaker

IG: @fiiaemilia

We just started so do submit your work here as well. 🤣

ACES LITE vs Other courses

ACES LITE costs a fraction of the price of other courses.

My goal is to make ACES accessible for all.

Deep understanding of theory

instead of "Just push this button!"

ACES LITE will teach you a deep understanding of color theory, spaces, models, gamma, gamuts etc. While at the same time keeping the method easy to learn and easy to use.

From a filmmaker to other filmmakers

I'm a filmmaker first and and advanced colorist second. So this course is not trying to force you to become a full time colorist. Do what you love and get great looks as well.

Enthusiastic support

I really love all the questions I get from you guys. So don't hesitate to ask your questions. There is no stupid ones, or maybe there is, but no stupid answers.

Benefits of ACES LITE

Quick start guides

Get started working in ACES in 10 minutes or less. Start your learning with instant rewards and then deepen your understanding with the rest of the course.

Matching cameras

You can shoot with different cameras and match the together in ACES. You can match you camera to an Arri Alexa for example.

RAW like color correction

In the course you will learn how to color correct your footage like you have shot it in RAW, even if you didn't. The correction can be done with in-build tools inside our video editing softwares once we transform our footage to ACES using our LUTs.

Cinematic skintones with any camera

ACES matches cameras together so all cameras have the same starting point when it comes to skintones.

Use HDR tonemapping to maximise the DR of your camera

HDR tone mapping is a technique that is commonly used in photography, and with the LITE way to learn ACES, you can now use it with your videos as well to get the most dynamic range out of your camera.

Film emulation is a back bone of cinematic grading

To make your videos look like movies, it's important to use film emulation to give the subliminal feel of analog film to your color. Film emulation is included in the LUT kit.

Step by step processs for copying any grade for you videos

With the LITE way to learn ACES you get a clear break down of how to copy any grade from movies to your footage.

The ACES LITE -course

What's included in the course

It took me over a year to put this course together. I spend many many hours clearing out the workflow and making it as easy to understand as I could. So you can start making movies that you are proud of.

Technical theory

Cinematic theory

ACES lite workflow in different softwares

Step by step color grading


What is inside the kit?

The LUT KIT is an essential part of the LITE way to learn ACES workflow. These LUTs are used for the color management and film emulation parts of the workflow. The Input transform LUTs allow almost any camera to be transformed to ACEScct color space with 20 F-stops of dynamic range, allowing even the cameras with the most latitute to be inputted to ACEScct without clipping.

ACES Input

Transform LUTs

ACES Output

Transform LUTs

Film emulation LUTs

Color monitoring LUTs

Start your color grading course now!


I want it NOW!

You have 30 days to try ACES LITE.

Learning ACES has made my life as a filmmaker so much easier and exiting. I'm sure you will love the ACES LITE -workflow as well. So I can give you 30 day money back guarantee to see that this course is really a game changer for you as it has been for many others.

Do I get LUTs with the course?

ACES LITE uses LUTs heavily and all the LUTs for the most popular cameras are included. If yours is not, then ask for it. I can make LUTs quite fast. And if you are looking for creative look LUTs there are a few, but I'll teach you how to do them yourself.

Do I need to be a professional to understand this course?

Nope! But you might become one afterwards. You will get such a strong base from this one course alone that you can easily just skip the rest, especially Youtube tutorials.

Can I learn all of this from Youtube?

Nope! I tried for years, but there is alot of information just simply missing in the popular Youtube "how to make your footage look like film" -Tutorials. Learn from the best (Hollywood/Netflix), instead of hit and miss techniques.

I'm using X (insert plugin/effect name here). Can I still use it with ACES LITE?

ACES LITE is a workflow that has a place for all kinds of effects, plugins and tools. You can integrate it easily with your existing workflow. 

I'm editing in X (an odd editing software), can I use ACES LITE?

I can't give support to all the new editing softwares out there, but the workflow is so simple that you can easily adopt it to any software that you can apply multiple LUTs onto your footage.

I want to learn NOW!